Add "and" at the end of character vector

Imagine you’re writing in an Rmarkdown document and you need to list a series of items in your text. Also, the elements you want to include in your text are stored in a vector, say cvec, so you just need to include the vector as part of the text in your rmarkdown document. However, you realize that the last item is not separated by an “and” in the text, so your text does not read well.

A nice template for your do-files: dotemplate

Introduction to dotemplate If you want to have organized do-files and ado-files and/or stop scrolling up and down looking for a particular section of your long code, you may consider start using the Stata command dotemplate. Basically, this command creates a template for your do-files and ado-files so that you can start off your code on the right foot. Once you’ve downloaded it, type dotempate in Stata and hit Enter.